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What's New

January 2012.  Well, it's been three years since I've updated this page and I want to apologize for that.  I also want to thank everyone for the nice emails I've gotten in that time.  I'm really glad this page is helping people.

For my update this month, I'm replacing the turn signal switch in my '95 Cherokee.  This turned out to be a lot easier than I thought it would be (once I got the right tools), but unfortunately didn't solve my problem.  Both the turn signals and the wiper delay stopped working.  After checking the fuses and bulbs it became apparent that it was the actual switch on the steering column that was the culprit.

While doing this, I also learned how to easily remove the cover from the steering column, which will enable me to update my directions on replacing the radio.

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I am not a professional mechanic, and I don't claim to be an expert at any of this stuff, but I'm quite capable of taking things apart, figuring out how it works and getting it back together again.  I'm not going to attempt to overhaul the engine or anything big like that, but I will do most of the small stuff.  I've put together this web page because I think there's a serious lack of useful information on the web about how to do some of this stuff.  For instance, when I began looking into why my AC blower would only work on the high setting (which actually seems to be a problem with all Cherokee's) I found many people that said it was the blower resistor pack and that this resistor pack was somewhere near the glove box.  That does me absolutely no good if I don't know what the resistor looks like or how to get to it.  As I started to fix this, I decided I'd get some pictures and hopefully provide useful information for someone else that needs to do the same thing.  While I'm only doing work on a 1995 Cherokee, most of this should apply to similar Cherokee's.

What's gone before

(April 2008)   Welcome to my Jeep Cherokee Blog.  Over the next several months I plan on doing a number of repairs to my 1995 Cherokee and documenting how to do these things.
I've already done some things that I didn't document (replaced the headliner, put in a new radio, replaced the driver's side window mechanism), but if there's enough interest, I may try to go back and recreate those things as well.
  For my first blog, I've replaced the AC blower motor resistor.  This is the component that controls the fan speed and was really simple (less than 1 hour to fix) and cheap (new part from the dealer - $7.70) to fix.

(May 2008)    This month I decided to pull the radio out of the Cherokee.  I'd been having some trouble with static on the new radio I'd put in about a year ago and wanted to see if it was properly grounded.  After doing this, I remembered why I didn't pull it back apart after I put the radio in.  This is not an easy task, but I was able to remove and reinstall the radio in about 40 minutes.
  I'm including this on my blog in case any of you need to replace your radio.  Hopefully this will at least get you started.

  (June 2008)  I've done a quick change to the web site this month to add Jeep Diagnostic codes.  These should apply to any of the OBD-I systems (prior to 1998).  I do hope to do some actual work on the Cherokee this month.  I'm contemplating putting a tow bar on the front of the thing so I can pull it behind my motor home.

(Sept 2008)  It's been a while since I've updated my page, but there's been a reason for that.  My Cherokee was STOLEN this summer!  I got it back, but it's in bad shape.  In this update, I'm going to show how I replaced the radio, the antenna, the passenger side kick panel, the dome light, and while I was at it I removed and painted the wiper arms.

(May, 2009).  I've been very bad about updating this page, mainly because I haven't done much work on the Cherokee lately.  I've had such a problem with it idling slow and stalling out (even while I was driving down the road), that I was contemplating getting rid of it.  I've actually had this problem for many years, but it seems to have gotten worse.  I've taken it to a number of places, spent way too much money, but nobody was ever able to fix the problem.  It recently seemed to run worse in hot weather, so I decided to flush the radiator.  While that didn't help, while I was working on replacing the hoses, I found a loose vacuum hose.  When I repaired and reconnected the hose, the car ran fine.  It's been three weeks now, and I haven't had any problem with it stalling, it starts better, and it idles just fine.

This month, I decided to put window tint on my Cherokee.  As you can seen in the picture, my jeep is the very basic model.  It didn't come with anything, including window tint.  It can get really hot inside, especially here in central Texas.

I've seen a lot of self applied window tint that really didn't look very good, so I knew I wanted to spend some time making sure I knew what I was doing and getting it done right.  I learned a lot and at one point decided to pull everything off and start all over.

I hope my experiences help you.