Replacing the Turn Signal Switch

Before we get started, let's talk a little about the tools you'll need.  I ended up having to use two different sets of Torx drivers.  To get the steering column cover off I needed something that would go about 3 inches into a small hole, and my regular torx bits were too big to fit.  The actual switch was connected with two T-20 screws that have a small pin in the middle of the head and requires a torx driver with a hollow end to remove.  I wasn't able to find a single torx driver that would meet both requirements, so I ended up buying two sets.  Fortunately, they didn't cost much, but I was a little torqued by the whole situation.

You can use a 9/32" socket or a wrench.  It will be used to remove the screw from the wiring harness.  The flathead screwdriver is used to remove the cover from the wiring harness.

The first thing you have to do is remove the screws from the bottom cover of the steering column as shown on the right.  The one in the center is easy to access, but the other two require a shaft of about three inches to get to.  I started with the center screw and it just turned and turned but didn't feel like it was getting loose.  I don't think it's meant to come all the way out and I may have broken the plastic by turning it so much.  I recommend you remove the other two screws first.

Once you get the screws out, you should be able to remove both the top and bottom covers.

Once I got the cover off, I saw it was incredibly dirty, so I cleaned it up a little bit.  Should have taken the picture after I cleaned it.  Then I removed the cover from the wiring harness (circled in the picture on the left).  There's a little tab on the top and bottom.  Just use the flathead screwdriver to lift the tab a little bit and slide it off.  It didn't want to slide off as easy as you'd like, but it came off without too much trouble. 

After you've removed the cover, you'll see a 9/32" bolt that holds the wiring harness in place (circled in red below).  It's actually easier to remove the bolt after you disconnect the switch if you're using a ratchet.

There are two T-20 torx screws holding the switch to the steering column.  I've circled the top one in the picture on the right.  The other is directly below at the bottom of the switch.  These have a security pin in them and will require the use of a torx driver with a hollow point.  Remove these two screws and the switch will come right off. 

Remove the bolt holding the wiring harness in place and you're done removing the switch.

Replacing the switch is simply a matter of reversing the steps. 

Reconnect the wiring harness and tighten the bolt.

Attach the switch to the steering column with the two torx screws.

Replace the cover on the wiring harness.

Replace the cover on the steering column.